Control for your
one-pipe steam radiator.

Our Product

What's Therm?

Therm is an inexpensive, IoT-enabled device, to control one-pipe steam radiators. We build on the physics of the TRV, but add in digital controls and machine learning, and allow for a simple DIY installation - turning the most primitive technology in your apartment into the most advanced.

Therm gives local control to tenants, saves energy costs for landlords, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions for all.

Who we are?

Our Team

Therm is led by Andrew Staniforth. Andrew is a real estate developer with a background in engineering, and has combined those skills to create Therm. Andrew has worked on the Real Estate Development team at Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet Company, investigating ways that technology can solve urban problems, and at Forest City Ratner Companies, where he managed residential, retail, and commercial ground up development and renovation projects.